Bourne Again

The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
Directed by Paul Greengrass
Screenplay by Tony Gilroy
Cast: Matt Damon (Jason Bourne), Joan Allen (Pamela Landy), Brian Cox (Abbott), Franke Potente (Marie), and Julia Stiles (Nicky)

I haven't read a Ludlum novel yet, and the long line of books I intend to finish in the following months does not include any of his titles. Anyhow, I enjoyed the two Bourne movies based on his novels (Identity I watched in vcd, and Supremacy at SM North the other day with Jema, Olive and QT)--especially the car chase in the Supremacy, and I thought this kind of action scene should be seen. I don't know if I'd enjoy it as much if I'd have to read it instead. (But he's being read; 21 novels and 210 million copies of books in print should mean something.)

Basta, that's still not my brand of fiction (or at least, I don't have the energy to read all of them); I just hope that the third installment, The Bourne Ultimatum, will be made into film soon. Here's the teaser from the book:
"Carlos, the Jackal, is obsessed with eliminating his rival, the fictitious assassin Jason Bourne. And the man he stalks, who had resumed a life of normalcy, finds himself thrust back into the covert life and legendary guise of Jason Bourne to hunt down the notorious terrorist, Carlos. Their final confrontation was inevitable from the first explosive pages of The Bourne Identity, and now Bourne must become the bait to draw the Jackal from his lair. Readers will be on the edge of their seats, knowing that when this trilogy comes to a close, only one assassin will emerge triumphant."