On Vacation, and Back to Work

TODAY I ATTENDED a meeting at Rex Bookstore for the second edition of Sambotani, a Filipino textbook series for high school that I was luckily made part of about two years ago. The first edition was launched late last year but was only heavily promoted for use last June, yet some friends from San Pablo already texted me that their younger sibling's been already using the book. I also got a considerable amount for royalty earlier (along with a big load of Christmas goodies for Rex authors and employees) that I can finally have parts of my house painted as soon as the check's cleared.

I am still partners with Sir Gab, but now for the third year textbook (we worked on the fourth year last time), which focuses on Asian literature in translation. Our next meeting is on early February, where we must submit the design of the textbook, along with texts for the 32 chapters it will contain. Right now, we're considering options other than the usual historical, geographic, or thematic divisions of the 4 units. I don't know but textbook writing actually gives me a high. Yes, I am actually excited. Or maybe I'm just really workaholic.

o O o

Speaking of work, two or three weeks ago I received an email from Ani Almario of Adarna House asking if I'd still consider writing for the second edition of 101 Filipino Icons. It may not really be creative writing but it's something I enjoyed the last time, besides learning a lot from a number of research materials that went my way, and so I immediately said yes. Today I got an email from Aneka telling me that the contract & a few of early readings were already sent to my office last week. I'll pass by Ateneo tomorrow before I go home to San Pablo, where I'll celebrate my Christmas, unlike last year, with my family.

o O o

I just finished 24's season 6 and am about to watch the 2-hr special called "Redemption" that they'd shown a month ago to bridge this season and the season that's about to open next year. It's funny how the show exploits the American paranoia for their government's sins to the world. They're afraid, too afraid to have a weak and/or really evil president on the show; let the others, even the vice-president, go astray, but no, not the president, and, well, of course, Jack Bauer, who, paradoxically, does not always listen to the president.