Exercises & Variations

I WAS LOOKING through Complete Review's Top Rated Books List and was intrigued by Matt Madden's 99 Ways to Tell a Story. Read the reviews, went to the official site, was hooked and ended up wishing I had a copy of the book. The exercise is simple: it opens with this template:

then proceeds by making variations of the same story. The ones I liked best are "Dailies" and "Different Images."

This is of course similar to what Adam did with Eraserhead's "kamukha mo sa Paraluman" in his The El Bimbo Variations, which also fascinated me when I first read it in pdf last summer. Apparently, he mentioned Madden in his introduction but the latter's name just did not register then, especially because it was put beside Perec's, whose experimental novels I long wanted to avail. Although Adam's is more on the literary (meaning, function of words) side, he also did a few illustrations for his variations, and they're definitely refreshing.

BTW, Madden blogs, although not regularly, but he also keeps a website where aside from his books & illustrations, his writings on comics I find most valuable.

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Several Mozilla tabs later, I just couldn't help but ask myself why the hell am I not reading any Raymond Queneau yet?