Accepted Works and Renewed Call for Submissions for COMING SOON

ACCEPTED WORKS AND RENEWED CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for "COMING SOON," an anthology of erotic poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction on the loss of virginity.

I. ACCEPTED WORKS. The editors are pleased to announce the initial batch of accepted works for the Coming Soon anthology. This list is in alphabetical order, by contributors' last names.

* "Road Trip" by Ian Casocot
* "Placelessness" by Mark Cayanan
* "Deluge" by Daryll Delgado
* "Liaison Manager" by Marguerite de Leon
* "Nukimori" by Caroline Hau
* "If I said I was drawn to the idea of the body" by Marie La Vina
* "F for Book Report" by R Zamora Linmark
* "Some Facts You Remember from Ten Years Ago" by Sandra Roldan
* "Unang Tikim" by Joseph T. Salazar
* "Kasiping" by Christian Tablazon
* "Tres Pulgadas sa Ilalim ng Tuhod" by Mary Anne Umali
* "Two Questions" by Larry Ypil

II. RENEWED CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS. (DEADLINE: Sunday, 9 November 2008) The editors envision the Coming Soon anthology as a choice selection of Philippine erotic literature. As such, the main considerations for selection were the following:

1. Pieces should fit the theme of "losing virginity";
2. Works accepted should be of good quality in terms of insight, perspective and craft, and
3. The anthology as a whole should be balanced in its portrayal of sexual orientation, class and generational sensitivities.

Clearly the accepted works so far are not sufficient to complete an anthology that meets the above demands. Hence, the editors are re-issuing the call for submissions to encourage more writers to submit new or revised pieces for consideration.

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "Coming Soon", an anthology of erotic poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction on the loss of virginity. The piece must specifically address a first (human, as opposed to something like bestial) sexual experience. What we are looking for are pieces that depict an initiation into the sexual act, therefore we will not consider works that try to be coy: for instance, please don't send a piece on how some character/persona discovers there is such a thing as fornication, yet doesn't engage in it. We'd consider that a cop-out. Neither are we looking for pieces on, er, giving one's self sexual pleasure. No, no, no. Works submitted should involve at least two conscious people (no corpses, please!), with an exchange of bodily fluids or whatnot. (If there is no exchange of bodily fluids, the work should address the question: But why the heck not?)

Open to Philippine writers in English and Filipino. Past published works are welcome as long as they have not yet appeared in an anthology.

DEADLINE: Sunday, 9 November 2008

Editors: Conchitina Cruz, Edgar Samar and Katrina Tuvera.