Mula kay Teatrokimiko

May rebyu si teatrokimiko sa mga kuwentong pambata na inadapt para sa Virgin Labfest 4, kasama na nga ang kuwento kong Uuwi na ang Nanay Kong si Darna! At mukhang nabasa niya at may kopya siya ng libro ko! (Buti pa siya... ako, wala na!)

Narito ang bahagi ng rebyu tungkol sa Uuwi na:

Uuwi na ang Nanay Kong si Darna is Job Pagsibigan’s adaptation of Edgar Samar’s award-winning story. Directed by Cats Racsag, the play is a simple adaptation of the tale: short and sweet like any memorable story.

Bruhahahahaha exposes the child to the pain rejection and mockery can bring. It is faced by this truth that the child learns her lesson in the first play. Uuwi, conversely, gives a half-truth about a mom working as a domestic helper. However, it is in the father’s tall tales that the child gets to realize the importance of his mom’s job and the sacrifices she makes in her line of work. If Ate Vi’s Anak and Ate Shawie’s Caregiver drew out the tears, Uuwi gave the same statements about our superhuman nanays or OFW’s in a lighthearted manner.

The short story ends with Nanay distributing her pasalubong. The child receives gifts he has always wanted and is amazed that she has “read his mind.” He finally asks if she is really Darna, to which she just smiles and then proceeds to give him a hug. This denouement is not present in the staged version, but its end is still effective. In Pagsibigan’s adaptation, the child continues to believe in his Nanay-Darna and “flies off with her”, perhaps to face more trials and adventures, but this time together.

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