Something Booba

If you're updated to showbiz news (really: chismis, tsika), you must have been fed up as well with several blind items on various sex videos of undisclosed personalities. The most recent is of Ethel Booba and Alex Crisano (obviously, not a blind item anymore). A video capture is now on the net (see it here). [But of course, it's strictly for adults only so if you're below 18, don't click on the link, unless you have a guardian beside you for guidance.]

Meanwhile, will GMA-7 do something about this? The station's most popular show, Extra Challenege, will definitely be affected. Is the management also willing to sanction Ethel (who obviously boosted the show's ratings) as much as what they did to Phoemela Barranda for the latter's supposed "misbehavior" before?