Rio Alma on Filipino Spelling

Last Saturday, National Artist Virgilio S. Almario gave a lecture on Filipino spelling. He gave out a small flyer with the following usual dilemma (especially of students) on writing in Filipino:

  1. Natutunan o Natutuhan?
  2. Kayat o Kaya't?
  3. Ala-ala o Alaala?
  4. Salo-salo o Salusalo?
  5. Aspeto o Aspekto?
  6. Taks o Tax?
  7. Bisyon o Visyon?
If you are not able to attend his lecture, but would want to know more about spelling in Filipino, get a copy of Gabay sa Editing sa Wikang Filipino (tuon sa pagbaybay) published by the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino-Diliman. I am not in the mood to echo his lecture right now.