In the latest issue of Newsbreak, Chay Florentino Hofileña talks about the real score on the networks war. A related story presents the ABS-CBN's new tandem, Cito Alejandro and Maria Ressa, who shoulder the task of regaining the top spot in the Mega Manila ratings game that their station held for years.

Meanwhile, Carla Montemayor shares her insights on the migration of words and the way they adapted to the nuances of the adopting culture. Her reflection on "alamat" comes most insightful:

"In some cases, you can chart the journey of certain words as they traveled from Indonesia to the Philippines. On Indonesian immigration forms, for example, they’ll ask you to write down your “alamat.” I thought I’d have to pen an epic poem explaining my existence: Ang Alamat ng Carla. Noong unang panahon, may isang salbaheng bata (Once upon a time, there was a naughty child). Alamat is “legend” in Tagalog, but in Indonesian (and Malay), it means “address.” It originally signified one’s domain. Then the word traveled across the seas and later it came to mean one’s origins—where one came from. We have had to construct memory in symbolic terms following the forgetfulness wrought by time and distance."