Yes, I am a John Mayer Fan

While listening to 103.5 K-lite the other day, I heard that John Mayer is nominated for "Best Male Pop Vocal" in the Grammys, along with his "Daughters" (for "Song of the Year"). The result comes out on February 17. Will he win his second Grammy this year (his first was in 2002 for "Your Body is a Wonderland")? I'm sorry to Josh Groban fans, but if he gets the award over John, I'm gonna hate him and his music more than I ever did.

Anyways, I haven't visited the John Mayer site in a while, and so earlier I did, and was surprised to find out that I could now listen to his songs continuously while logged in; no need to activate any real or media player, or to go back to its window after every song. This is interactive at its best: when the site ironically doesn't demand much interaction from its visitor to provide the pleasure he deserves (in this case, listening to John's music). But of course, you have to buy the album to listen to all his songs since only six from Heavier Things are looped to play.