TexTulang Pinoy

Press Release

The "Textulang Pinoy," is a month-long competition on regional literary forms- Sawikain and Tigsik (of the NCR and Bikol), Paktakon and Tigmo (Cebuano and Hiligaynon respectively). It makes use of the mobile telephone where entries will be received as a text message.

General Criteria
1. Originality
2. Fluidity of the stanzas/lines
3. High level of rhyme scheme
4. Content

1. Sawikain is an old form of poetry. It is composed of two (2) to three (3) lines per stanza and has twelve (12) syllables. Within the 36 syllables (12 each line), the poet needs to express one complete thought. Sawikain requires a discipline in expression and economy in words.

"Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan
Di makararating sa paroroonan."

Each entry must be written in Filipino revolving around the theme respect and/or love for nature. Send entries through *text including name and address of the poet. Weekly winners will be announced. The cut off time for each week is at 3pm of every Friday in February 2005. Two (2) grand winners will receive P5,000 each, while eight (8) P2,000 consolation prizes will be given away.

2. Tigsik is an old form of Bicol poetry which displays the natural talent of Bicolanos for riddles. It is composed of four (4) lines with eight (8) syllables each with a mono-rhyme scheme.

"Tinigsik ko sakong dila
Nakukulong, nawawara.
Sa tabil kun nasasala
An sadit minadakula."

1. Each entry must be written in Bicol and should be about the good or bad habits.
2. There is no limit to the entry one can send. Each entry must be accompanied by the author's name and address.
3. This is a weekly contest to be implemented within February 2005. The cut off time for each week is at 5pm of every Friday in February 2005.
4. Winners for each week will be announced every Monday. Only one winner will be declared "Tigsikero ng Linggo" (cash prize of P2,000) with second (1,500) and third (1,000) prizes. Four runners up (cash prize of P500) will be declared.
5. Winning entries will be published in a book and will be included in "Tigsik" t-shirts. A few of these copies and t-shirts will be given away to the winners.
6. All connected with NCCA and Globe communications and/or with the organizer of the contest are not qualified to join the contest.

3.Tigmo is a riddle in the Cebuano language. Its common form is of two lines with same number of syllables per line and rhyming. It must have imagery.

Kapti akong ikog kay mosawon ko. (Hold my tail because I am about to swim).

4. Paktakon (in Hiligaynon) means riddle or puzzle. In the past, it was recited during parties or wakes for the dead. It is a verse form usually composed of two rhyming lines, although there are 3-line and 4-line stanzas, and sometimes the lines do not rhyme.

(1) Baston ni San Josep
Indi Maisip

Translation: St. Joseph’s cane
Cannot be counted

Answer: Rain

(2) Talamnan mga maputi
Nga maitum sing binhi
Lima ang nagatanum
Duha ang nagatambong

Translation: Field of white
Black are the seeds
Five (5) are the planters
Two (2) are the watchers
Answer: Letter

1. The entry should be a Tigmo or Paktakon that is written in Cebuano/Hiligaynon language). Entries could be about any subject.
2. Entries should be sent through *text along with the name and address of the author.
3. Entries should be sent before 3pm of each Friday of February2005.
4. A grand prize winner will be declared for the month.

Implementation Date: Feb. 2005
Contact: NCR- Vim Nadera/Ruby Alcantara – (02)9221830; Bikol - Rudy Alano 09197768062; Tigmo/Paktakon – Mayen Tan, Ricky de Ungria, Zeny French. Email: NCCA_NCLA@yahoogroups.com

*Text entries to the following numbers:

For Manila entries: 0927-92452-42 to -43
For Cebu entries: 0927-9245240
For Iloilo entries: 0927-9245239
For Davao entries: 0927-9245238

For those interested to join the parade during the grand launch of the National Arts Month on Jan. 30, and for other details on the opening/closing program, and for updates on the schedule, please get in touch with Alvin Morales of NAM Secretariat at 527-2192 local 302 and 303 or mobile # 0917-8169535.

For updates on the schedule of the Committee projects, please contact Richie Rebollido of the Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division at trunkline no. 527 21 92, local 603 or direct line 527 22 15 or email nam@ncca.gov.ph or info@ncca.gov.ph.

For schools, offices, and other organizations both private and public who may want to submit their Arts Month events online, please email them at cyberspace@ncca.gov.ph