Teri's Desperation

Last night, while switching channels, I got a glimpse of a familiar face. I went back to channel 9 and there she was, the Lois Lane of my late childhood and early teens: Teri Hatcher. She was receiving her Golden Globe for Best TV Actress in a Comedy/Musical (besting the four-time Golden Globe winner Sarah Jessica Parker) for Desperate Housewives, which also grabbed the Best Television Series-Musical or Comedy honors, beating previous favorites like Sex & The City.

Definitely, Teri has aged, but aged beautifully. As I entered adolescence exactly a decade ago, she was my idea of a perfect girl (yes, I used to be this romantic). How can you go wrong with someone adored even by the Superman? Thanks to ABC-5, I got hooked to Lois & Clark every Thursday evening back then. But just like every fascination, Teri lost her spark as the series ended, and watching her in Tomorrow Never Dies in senior high school, I had the feeling I was bidding her (but not yet my romanticism) goodbye. I've never seen her in any other show or film again, until last night.

Now I'm waiting for that set of pirated DVDs in Marikina to see how a hero's lady has turned into a desperate housewife.