Reality Bets

Two Philippine reality-based artista searches are about to end: Star Circle National Teen Quest and Starstruck. The former will have its Grand Questor's Night tonight at the Ultra; the latter will have its Final Four Finals next week.

Many people say that a female questor will grab this year's 4-million worth of cash and contract as grand questor since Hero won in last season's finals. Of course, I'm having my fingers crossed for Paw, although Erich is an obvious jurors' favorite.

For Starstruck, my ultimate survivors are Ryza and CJ (yes, the soulmates). I was initially betting on Mike, but I found, in their drama exercises, that he's too "malamya" while CJ is "palaban," and according to Gina Alajar, "open to learning" (his being a kababayan from San Pablo is beside the point).

Of course, we all know the cliche: Their real tests come after the contests. Will they still "survive"? Will they remain "in"?