My January '05 in Review

I gave Kay Elias the first week of 2005 before I finally moved here in '81 on the 8th, and promised myself to religiously update everyday, something which I still keep to date.

This month was almost filled with pop culture entries: John Mayer, Teri Hatcher, Aishite Masu, MTV VJ Hunt, Carlo J. Caparas, Cinema Australia, Spirits, and Star Circle National Teen Quest and Starstruck. I couldn't help but write about them: despite the appearances, they keep my reality in check.

Before I started this new blog, I promised myself not to be as personal as before. But how could I be not personal? And so, there were times when I would laugh on one dormmate's habit, remember San Pablo on its feast day, and go back to sentiments on friendship. All these while attending an established children's publishing house's 25th anniversary, and yes, even sloganizing myself, among other things.

Musings on more "serious matters"--language, art--came not as frequent as I wanted.

So, what's to come in the following month of hearts? Nothing's for sure, except that, if I survive this month with the tons of work I need to get done, I'm gonna celebrate my birthday. Greet me by then.