In the Oxford American Dictionary I bought while I was in freshman college sometime in 1998, “google” is not yet a word; after “goofy,” you’ll have "gook." Now the internet search site becomes a verb becomes a habit: most people google first before going into serious, i.e., traditional, research.

But before you go googling your next query, you may want to hear what Daniel Brandt of Google Watch has to say about the world’s favorite search engine:

"Google has the capacity, the history, and the intention of tracking the browsing habits of anyone and everyone who visits any of their sites. Since its inception, Google has used a cookie with a unique ID in it that expires in 2038. They record this ID, along with the IP address, the search terms, and a time/date stamp, for everyone who searches at Google. To make matters worse, Google never comments on their relations with officials in the dozens of countries where they operate. Google even required the libraries to sign nondisclosure agreements."
Now, have you just searched for “ways to topple the Arroyo administration” or “FPJ Fanatics” or (for the kapuso’s) “Erap Gigsters”? Beware. You may just find what you’re looking for.