Goodbye, Hello

I just left my old blog, Kay Elias, which lasted for a record-breaking five months. I’ve had several other blogs before that one: Kundiman, Kalye Kundiman, Kanto ng Kundiman, in the different phases of my fascination with streets, crossroads and destinations. Now that I’m finally (I hope this one’s really final) done revising Pag-aabang sa Kundiman: Isang Tulambuhay, the first poetry collection I intend to submit to a press, where I named my poems’ persona Elias, I can move on.

After moving to and fro Kundiman, my ideal space, the next logical step, even if I don’t always believe in reason, is to explore time, and so I’m now going back to where I believe it (my life, everything that I am) all started: in 1981. I was born in 1981: I could only live from that point onwards.

Surfing the internet earlier, I was surprised that many things that remain important today were either launched or discovered in 1981: MTV, IBM PC, AIDS, space shuttle mission, among others. In the Philippines, the martial law was lifted by Marcos also in 1981 (making me a very immediate post-martial law baby), and Pope John Paul II visited the country after surviving an assassination somewhere else in the same year.

With this blog, I intend to examine myself and the times that provide context to this self. In many cases, I’ll look into things that I cannot possibly bear to leave behind, even to live without: literature and literary criticism, creative and therapeutic writing, pop culture, local and international politics, psychology, cultural studies, and technology. But of course, these interests may change; I must change my life, said Rilke anyway. And who can tell, this blog may not live longer than what its predecessors survived.