Egay Sloganized

Saw my Friendster Bulletin being crowded with sloganized individuals. So I went there myself and tried being sloganized, too--not just once, but ten times, to check whether a slogan would be repeated (or if I'd like any of them). Nothing was repeated (and yes, forget that thing about liking them).

Here are the results in order:

  1. The Egay Drinker's Lighter Egay.
  2. Egay, the Other White Meat.
  3. Keep That Egay Complexion.
  4. The Egay Of A New Generation.
  5. Cleans Your Floor Without Egay.
  6. Just Do Egay.
  7. It Takes A Tough Man To Make A Tender Egay.
  8. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Egay.
  9. Drinka Pinta Egay A Day.
  10. Every Egay Helps.
So, what do they make of me?

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