Saw National Treasure earlier (was supposed to watch Birth but Metro East must have pulled it out from their cinemas after only a few days’ run). Three weeks ago, I decided to watch Alexander over it; now I know that it was good decision, though they’re both not-so-good movies. The thing about the templar, masons, and series of riddles to be solved (“it will just lead you to another clue,” cried the older Gates to Benjamin, played by Nicolas Cage) made me feel like watching a harbinger to The Da Vinci Code, and it got me excited. It’s definitely one thing to look forward to—even just for seeing the Musée du Louvre in widescreen (I promise myself to go there before I turn forty, for whatever reason)—in 2005 (along with Batman Begins and Star Wars Episode III). But yes, I still can’t imagine Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.