The seven best things that made my Christmas day complete:

  1. A number of friends remembered to greet me (even if I could hardly have a signal here in San Gregorio), but I ran out of credits and wasn’t able to text back; I reserved my last few pesos, of course, for Nikka’s.
  2. I got to meet ALL my younger cousins (especially my favorite, Aiel) and all my godchildren, and they all seemed to like my gifts.
  3. Tita Ayen checked out of the SPC Medical Center, three days after her operation.
  4. I went to see Lola Mama, Lola Lisa and Lola Ate, and gave them some presents (they used to give me the best gifts when I was very, very young).
  5. Kuya Budz, Dondon (he called me on my cellphone earlier) and One visited me at home (we used to spend Christmas evenings at Kuya Budz’s).
  6. Phillip texted me (future Father Phillip!), and I was very glad to know that he was okay, after the typhoons that devastated Infanta, where he now stays.
  7. Kuya Topher (a second cousin—his lola and Inay are sisters, and classmate when we were in kindergarten) passed by our house with his daughter (they’re all getting married!); it’s been almost a decade since I last saw him.