If thou shall give, I shall happily receive. The following people gave me some early Christmas gifts: Loyola Schools (courtesy of the VP and the deans), Heights, Ted, students Bettina and Ramon, a certain student by Ambeth Ocampo who borrowed Jema’s baybayin, friends and colleagues Christine, QT, Vim, Jema, Kristine, Claudette, Boyet, Jethro, Sir DM, Ma’am Coralu, Ma’am April, JB, Ma’am Beni, Sir Je, and Allan. The number one present of the year is food, but some friends still think of me as a bibliophile. Anyway, here’s the list of gifts I received as of today:

1. PhP 500.00 Aeon Books gift certificate
2. Kristov Vodka Ice
3. Purefoods Fiesta Cooked Ham
4. Tumbler (for badminton)
5. Butterscotch (2 packs)
6. Kayumanggi Coconut Sport Balls
7. Cookies (2 packs)
8. Chocolates
9. Wind chimes
10. Chopsticks and mini-cup
11. Picture frame
12. Cup and saucer
13. Pencil (or cellphone?) holder
14. Shorts (again, for badminton)
15. Tape measure (5.0m/16 ft.)
16. Altoids
17. Olive groove: Smoked Bangus
18. Letter to a Priest by Simone Weil
19. Backpack
20. The Ballad of the Five Battles by Nick Joaquin
21. Santa Claus keychain
22. (Did I forget anything?)

By next year, I’ll have an wishlist. I hope friends will find time to take a look at that, hehehe. Anyway, a Merry Christmas to all! Yes, this season is not all about gifts, but it’s not bad to buy me one.