Done checking ALL the student papers (Kris Aquino’s yahoo—not Bearwin Meilly’s—echoes in my mind). Only a set of Fil 12 group/seat work and their long test were left. Last Thursday, I spoke with my student who plagiarized in his first paper. The problem with students is that they don’t take proper citation seriously. I couldn’t tell if it was done with malice or not, whichever way the fact remains: what he did was not right. He told me that he interviewed Paolo Manalo (paging Paolo!) for his paper, but again, it does not alter the fact: it was plain and simple plagiarism. In the first page of his paper, just before he began to cut and paste from various sources (while he was still enjoying his topic, it seems), he used the words “tsupa” and “chupa” (at least he was conscious of spelling variations!) and wrote the following footnote (one of the only two footnotes in the whole essay!) for that Pinoy word for blowjob: “ang pagbibigay ng kaluguran sa ari ng lalaki sa pamamagitan ng bibig.” Beat that.

Anyways, “tsupa” is the UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino entry, a word that comes from the English “fellatio” (Latin fellare) meaning “oral stimulation of the penis” (Brittanica Dictionary) or “pagdila o pagsupsop ng uten” (UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino). There. No delight (“kaluguran?”) necessary.